About us

Svensk Brandservice AB is one of Sweden’s leading suppliers of sprinkler systems in vehicles. Our portfolio extends further than that. We deliver services, sprinklers, fire protection and risk management. We carry out assignments throughout Sweden and has offices in Katrineholm, Norrköping and Västerås.

We help you with the fire inventories and fire protection documentation. Main reason for carrying out a fire safety inventory is to be aware of the protections contained in or sale of real estate but also in connection with systematic fire protection work, SBA. Fire protection documentation shall be established for new constructions and reconstructions according to the National Board of Housing, Building regulations. A fire protection documentation is also associated fire protection plans. We support you in all situations, in the planning, design, at construction meetings and then in the management phase.

If you want to know how large number of people you can have in a building, or check that the evacuation is good, you can choose to do an evacuation dimensioning or a number of persons investigation.

We will help you in the handling of flammable liquids and gases. We guide you and help you from the application and inventory to the implementation of controls. Required a risk investigation, we have great experience in drafting risk analyzes focused on making solutions that are integrated into the regular activities, cost but above all business adapted to avoid extra steps in the work. If you open handling of flammable liquids do we both classification plans and the associated explosion protection documents for you, all items included by SEK 426. Do you want to have all gathered on the web we are able to put it in a standalone system where you can easily make your checks and get reminders when it’s time to check various points. If you need information about what the law says about the various handling operations, plans to rebuild or want to know more about how a subject can affect your business, we are there for you.

In addition to the aforementioned elements, we have project management and coordination of projects. Our staff have both knowledge and experience in coordination and project management of business development and construction projects.

We have client specific training in the areas of handling flammable materials, building technical fire protection, fire protection officer and emergency management. Is there any training you are missing, let us know and we can certainly help you right..

You can either order a specific job, hire us on an hourly basis, or if you close one month contract where you get a certain number of hours support and documentation time per month. The monthly contract, you can also get help to review the Staff notes from the emergency services and post plans if measures should be done or not and the time.

Svensk brandservice AB has extensive experience including process industries, gas stations, natural gas facilities, restaurant, schools, community centers as well as good knowledge of the area.