About us

Svensk Brandservice AB is one of Sweden’s leading suppliers of fire suppression systems for vehicles.Our business concists of service and installation of fire protection materiel and fire suppression for vehicles and othe industrial applications etc.Svensk Brandservice AB started by Ingemar Gustavsson 1982 under the name Ingemar & Annikas HB and main bussines was focused at fire safety materiel. After a short while the company was specialized on installation and maintenanse of fire suppression systems for vehicle.During the years a stable market has been brought up in Sweden.Cooperation with Dafo Brand AB started back in 1982. An intense cooperation with evolution of the fire suppression system for vehicles started then.Back in 1986 the company got approved by the three biggest insurance companies to perform inspections of vehicles that was going to be insured. Back in 1990 the company took the name Svensk Brandservice AB.