Primarily fire protection

Svensk brandservice has been working with primary fire protection since 1982 and has many years of experience in the service of fire fighting equipment such as fire extinguishers, hydrants, notice and emergency lighting, fire hoses, smoke hatches, medical materials and other fire prevention materials. The material that we use is of high quality and complies with all laws and norms.

By law (LSO – The Law on Protection against Accidents, lso 2003: 778) so all businesses are required to work systematically with fire protection. This should also be documented, to a reasonable extent should everyone take extinguishing agent for immediate firefighting, which in practice means that you have to work towards the prevention of fire and have procedures for what to do if there is a fire. We at Svensk Brandservice can help you develop a tailor systematic fire protection work, and all documentation at a competitive price. Maybe it fits you best to just take up a part of the fire protection documentation, for example, an evacuation plan and control drawing for patrolling, so you can add the rest as you wish. With us as a supplier, you can get help with everything in fire protection. Contact us to get more information and prices.

Our Services:

  • Action Planning in fire

  • Evacuation Plans

  • Systematic fire protection

  • Fire protection Documentations, Opinion, Evacuation dimensioning.

  • Flammable goods

  • Number of persons investigation and Evacuation

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